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When you look at the ground, what do you see? Many people only see dirt, but if you are like us, then you see the endless potential that is always underneath our feet. We see the nourishing power of the soil, and we cherish it. Our name, Iby, comes from the Tupi word that means “soul, ground floor, and earth.” This connects back directly to who we are as a company and everything that we stand for. Much more than any other food producer, we strive to make a difference in our customers’ lives by offering food that they can get excited about.

As a company, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. We only offer products of the highest quality, adhering to strict sourcing and production standards and drawing our raw material from land that we treat with respect. Responsible members of our community, we pride ourselves on our ability to create jobs that people can work to earn a fair income. As much as we value our bond with our customers, though, our bond with the earth is just as important to us. We believe strongly that we have a duty to the land from which our food ingredients come, and toward that end, we try to act as stewards to the environment.

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  • Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.

    (Português do Brasil) Maria Manoela de Paula @mariamanoeladepaula Recife – PE – Brasil

  • The best chocolate beverage I ever taste!

    Paula Donadelli (@pauladonadelli) – Campinas – SP – Brazil

  • I tried IBY products at a Bike event in Campinas and loved it. Now they are part of my daily life. I discovered that I am lactose intolerant, and I’ve been using it in everything used milk before, and it’s perfect.

    Leonardo Guimarães Paiva (@leopaiva_) – São Paulo – SP – Brazil

  • Iby is being a game-changer. Among various ideas, my preparations appear to be missing something before this beautiful and super versatile product. I am entirely grateful to find incredible vegetable milk that meets my needs when preparing. Congratulations! A brand that is being useful to thousands of people looking for a new alternative when it comes to plant-based milk!

    Rodrigo Silva (@driiguhealthy) – Araguaína – TO – Brazil

  • I loved the products and the purpose of the company too much! It makes all the difference to me. What I like most and use after training is cocoa with proteins. It looks like a dessert!

    Dr. Gustavo Carbonari (@drgustavocarbonari) – Pediatrician in Campinas – SP – Brazil

  • I love IBY chocolate flavor, which for me, is a perfect substitute for the milk chocolate that I used to drank in the morning and always felt terrible! It is too good!

    Rafaela Koury (@rafakoury) – Campinas – SP – Brazil

  • I love to recommend and use plant-based drinks because they make all the difference for allergy sufferers and digestion. I liked IBY products because besides being vegan, they are rich in selenium, a super antioxidant! The taste is also excellent. Congratulations!

    Fabiana de Mello Gonçalves Nutritionist (@fabimello1) – Campinas – SP – Brazil


Well, it doesn’t have to be Brazil nuts, it could be anything that you think could make our beverages or the world better for that matter! To be honest, we would love to hear your thoughts on our goodies! Say hi because it always will be a lovely answer waiting for you!