About Us

IIBY [I-B’I], FROM TUPI, Ground, Soil

When you look at the ground, what do you see? We see the enormous wealth that is under our feet. IBY in Tupi-Guarani means ground, soil, our soil, which connects us with who we are and what we stand for.

Our purpose is to generate wealth from biodiversity, that’s why we chose the brazil nut as the main raw material for our first product line. Its harvest involves a large number of families, drives the economy from the forest and contributes to ecosystem preservation.

Where people live from the forest, there is no deforestation, and this is one of our main goals. To build without destroying.

Our purpose is much greater than just selling. It is to promote a positive social impact, value Brazil’s nature, and offer delicious and healthy products.

Our mission, vision and values


Iby is guided by the purpose of transforming ingredients into high nutritional value products for people, bringing development to those who live from and for the land, generating jobs and income for the communities from where our raw materials come.


Build without destroying, value the soil we tread on and preserve the riches that the land offers, offering products that maintain nature's best, its essence, flavor, and value.


Meet the needs and expectations of our consumers with healthy products. Encourage proper use of natural resources.
Promote social development in regions producing natural foods.