Ingredientes da Calda:

2 colheres (sopa) de água

2 colheres (sopa) de açúcar orgânico ou demerara


Ingredientes do Pudim:

1/2 xícara (chá) de açúcar orgânico ou demerara

2 xícaras (chá) de bebida vegetal de Castanha do Brasil Iby sabor cacau

2 colheres (sopa) de maisena

1 colher (sopa) de agar-agar

Preparation method

Syrup preparation:

Melt the sugar over low heat.

Carefully add water and cook until the syrup thickens.

Pour the syrup into a center hole shape and set aside.


Pudding preparation:

Dissolve the cornstarch and ágar-ágar in 1 cup of DRINK BRAZIL NUTS and set aside.

In a saucepan, boil the remaining drink, lower the heat and slowly add the mixture that was reserved.

Boil again and turn off the heat. Pour the still-hot mixture into the caramel saucepan.

Take to a water bath at 350°F for 40 minutes.

Chill for 6 hours.

Unmold and serve.



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